Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Spreading of Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae) Distributed in Azerbaijan Territories of the Greater Caucasus in Ecological and Zoogeographical Groups
E.F. Yusifov, V.S. Narimanova, B.A. Ahmadov

Institute of Zoology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

The material was collected during 2013-2015 years in the agrocenoses and biocenoses of the Guba-Khachmaz, Sheki-Zagatala and Absheron physical-geographical regions of the Greater Caucasus Nat-ural Area. Analysis of the materials showed that 57.4% of the species common for studied territories are arexerophilous, 40.74% are mezophilous and 1.85% are eurybiont. According to zoogeographical analysis 3 species (5.55%) belong to Transpalearctic group, 1 species (1.85%) to Eurosiberian group, 9 species (16.67%) to European group, 5 species (9.26%) to Steppe-lowland group, 34 species (62.98%) to Mediterranian group and 2 species (3.7%) to Middle Asian group.

Scarabaeidae, ecology, zoogeographic groups