Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Dynamics of the Accumulation of Flavonoids in Polygonum L. Species
E.E. Jafarova, L.A. Mustafayeva

Genetic Resources Institute, Azerbaijan National Acdemy of Sciences

 Institute of Botany, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

There are 300 species of Polygonum L. genus of Polygonaceae Juss. family in the temperate zone of the world. Some of them are medicinal plants, which are used for the treatment of diseases or as a raw material for preparing medicines. Flavanoids are active substances of the species belonging to the Polygonum L. genus. Flavonoid content, distribution, dynamics of accumulation throughout growth phases, productivity of above-ground parts have been studied in various organs of P. aviculare and P. patulum L. species. Uneven distribution of flavonoids was detected in plant organs. In generative organs maximum accumulation of flavonoids was observed in buds, while in vegetative organs it was observed in leaves. Maximum biomass productivity and flavonoid content were observed in the flowering phase of both species.

Polygonum, flavonoid, dynamics of accumulation, vegetative, generative organs, biomass