Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Molecular Analysis of Resistance Genes to Brown Rust Lr9, Lr19, Lr34, Lr35 and Yellow Rust Yr9, Yr18 in Azerbaijan Wheat Germplasm
S.M. Rustamova, I.M. Huseynova, J.A. Aliyev

1Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnologies, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 2A Matbuat Avenue, Baku AZ 1073, Azerbaijan; *E-mail: i_guseinova@mail.ru


2Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, Ministry of  Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Pirshagi village, Sovkhoz 2, Baku AZ1098, Azerbaijan


Rust is the most devastating fungal disease causing significant losses of grain production. Growing rust resistant varieties is the most sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach for controlling rust diseases. To date, 81 brown and 53 yellow rust resistance genes have been detected in bread and durum wheat genotypes and their wild species using different molecular methods. The primary goal of the research was to establish the presence of Lr ans Yr genes in wheat samples collected in Gene Pool of the Reserch Institute of Crop Husbandry (Baku, Azerbaijan). Four Lr genes, Lr9, Lr19, Lr34, Lr35 and two Yr genes, Yr9и Yr18 were analysed using various molecular markers. 1100 bp specific fragments in PCR profiles indicate the presence of Lr9 gene on 6B chromosome of 60% of the studied 78 genotypes. Positive results were obtained in 45 genotypes for identification of Lr19 gene using SCAR markers SCS123 and SCS253. Allelic state of Lr34 gene was studied using Lr34/csLV34a and Lr34/csLV34b markers. Molecular analysis showed the presence of allele a of Lr34 in 21 and allele b in 9 genotypes. Two genotypes were found to carry both alleles of Lr34. 54% of the studied wheat genotypes had no allele of Lr34 gene. Fragments characteristic of Lr35 gene were not visualized in PCR profiles of 61 genotypes. Fragments of 250 bp diagnostic for Yr18 gene were visualized in electrophoretic profiles of 40 genotypes. 150 bp fragments characteristic of Yr9 gene were amplified in all genotypes with the exception of four samples. These results will serve as a base for plant breeders to develop durable rust-resistant wheat varieties and to control wheat leaf rust diseases in Azerbaijan.

Wheat, brown rust, yellow rust, Lr9, Lr19, Lr34, Lr35, Yr9, Yr18, PCR, STS, SSR, SCAR