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Study Of Morphophysiological Parameters Of Wheat Cultivars In Different Growth Phases Under Salt Stress
U.F. Ibrahimova, T.H. Garagezov

Institute of Botany, ANAS
The effect of salt stress on some physiological parameters was studied in wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum
L., Triticum durum Desf.) grown under field condition during different phases of ontogenesis. Surface areas
of assimilation organs such as leaves, stem, ear and their dry biomass were determined. Results showed that
in vegetation period surface areas of assimilation organs and their dry biomass decreased in all genotypes.
The most decline was more in Garagylchyg-2 and less in Barakatli-95.

wheat cultivars, morphophysiological parameters, salt stress, flag leaf, dry biomass, assimilation organs, vegetation period