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Effect Of Nanoparticles On The Activity Of The Ion Pumps In Plasma Membrane Of Plant Cells
I.S. Ahmadov, V.N. Ramazanli, N.J.Agayeva, M.A.Ramazanov

Baku State University, Azerbaijan

   In the given research the effect of nanoparticles on the activity of H-ATFase  and redox system during their interaction  with plasma membrane of plant cells have been studied. It was found that nanoparticles change the electrical parameters of plasma membrane depending on the type, concentration and duration of expo­sure. The much depolarization of MP was detected with the influence of ZrO2 (21 nm)  and Al + Ni nano­particles affected the depolorization of MP more frequently and affected the activity of  H+-ATFase proton pumps significantly. Nanoparticles did not influence on the activity of  redox-type proton pumps. 

Nanoparticles, plasma membrane, membrane potential, membrane resistance, ion pumps, H+ ATFase, redox pump