Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Impact Of Physıologıcal Alkaline Salts On The Swellıng And Germınatıon Of Seeds
S.M. Abduyeva-Ismayilova

Baku State University, Azerbaijan

    The impacts of physiological alkaline salts NaNO3 and Ca(NO3)2 on the initial period of ontogenesis – the process of absorbing water, swelling and germination – have been studied in wheat and corn seeds. Consequently, physiological impacts of alkaline salts on water uptake and germination of dry seeds had a similar pattern with the control variant as to the kinetic curvature, the difference was only in numbers. Physiological alkaline salts had a negative impact on the germination of seeds, and at a concentration of 0.4 M seeds were not sprouted totally. Negative impact of salts on seeds of corn was particularly high. Ca(NO3)2 compared to NaNO3 had a more negative impact on seed germination. No germination at high concentrations of NaNO3 and Ca(NO3)2 can be explained by the specific impact of ions.

Physiological alkaline salts, hydration, swelling, germination, germination energy, germination percentage