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Identification Of Alleles Of Gliadin Component Blocks In Bread Wheat (T. aestivum L.) Genotypes
S.B. Sadigova, H.B. Sadigov, A.Y. Karimov, G.A. Mammadova, Z.I. Akperov

Institute of Genetic Resources, Azerbaijan NAS 

    Electrophoretic analysis of gliadin storage proteins in 33 bread wheat botanical varieties was carried out. The aim of the study was to determine the alleles of gliadin-coding loci in different botanical varieties of bread wheat. Fifty-eight allelic variants of component blocks were determined for 7 gliadin-coding loci in the studied botanical varieties of bread wheat, of which 50 were known and 8 were new. Thus, the new allelic variants of gliadin component blocks, not found in the world wheat collection (Gli 1B23, Gli 1B24, Gli 1B25, Gli 1B26, Gli 1B27 and Gli 6A14, Gli 6A15, Gli 6A16) were identified among the local bread wheat accessions. It was revealed that the alleles of component blocks Gli1A4 and Gli1A10 had a high frequency of occurrence in local materials. It was also confirmed that the allele block Gli1A4 may be used as a genetic marker for grain quality in local bread wheat cultivars.

T.aestivum L., gliadin, electrophoregram, allele, allele component blocks