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Hexokinase Activity Of Brain Cells Of Albino Rats Exposed To Highly Volatile Oil Fractions From Deposit "Chirag"
S.N. Baba-zade, T.M. Agayev

Institute of Physiology named after A.I. Garayev, ANAS
The effect of highly volatile oil fractions at concentrations of 500, 750 and 1000 mg/m3 from “Chirag” deposit
on hexokinase activity in different parts of brain of white rats has been studied. It was revealed that these
fractions changed the enzyme activity at the concentration of 1000 mg/m3. Hexokinase activity was not
completely recovered in oil poisoned animals under normal conditions of the vivarium during 30 days.

Hexokinase, brain (cerebrum), hypoxia