Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Anatomical and Dendrochronological Investigation of the Chestnut-Leaved Oak in The South East Part of the Great Caucasus
F.S. Seyfullayev, V.S. Farzaliyev

Central Botanical Garden, ANAS
Parameters of the earlywood vessels and the width of annual rings have been investigated. Studies were
carried out by using standard dendrochronological and anatomical methods. To this end, we measured the
area of the lumen and compared with the widths of the tree rings. An increase in earlywood vessel lumen
area and decrease in their number in the process of tree ageing were observed. We observed negative
correlation between vessel lumen area and ring-width index and trends were 65%. In the end we came to
conclusion that not only the internal but also external factors influence on the formation of early wood
vessels. It was also found that a positive correlation exists between the vessel lumen area and temperatures
of March, April of the current year, and precipitation of November of last year and a negative correlation
exists between precipitation of February, August, and November of this year. Based on these results, it was
found that the chestnut-leaved oak, which is distributed in this area, is very sensitive to climate and can be
used for studying climate changes in the future.

Chestnut-leaved oak, earlywood, vessel lumen area, radial growth, tree-ring chronology, climate change