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The Impact Of Insectiside "Mostar" On The Gill Tissue Of Wild Carp (Сyprinus carpio L.)
N.G. Ragimova, E.K. Rustamov

Institute of Physiology, ANAS
Histological analysis of the gill tissue of wild carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) exposed to the insecticide "Mostar"
has been carried out. LC50 during 24, 48, 72 and 96 hour long exposures were 185.76 mg/l; 168.53 mg/l;
140.5 mg/l and 128mg/l, respectively. The following histopathological changes were established:
hyperplasia of the primary and secondary lamellae, hypertrophy of the primary lamellae, anevrizm,
thickening of the secondary lamella ends, fusion of the secondary lamellae, telangiectasis, rejection of the
respiratory epithelium and its rupture, destruction of blood vessel pillar cells of the secondary lamellae.
Comparative analysis of the obtained data with the literature ones indicates both adaptive-protective and
destructive nature of morphologic alterations.

Wild carp, gills, histopatology, insecticide "Mostar"