Xəbərlər AMEA Biologiya və tibb elmləri bölməsinin rəsmi jurnalı
Detection of 7-Demethylsuberozine in Resin of Roots of Ferulago setifolia C.Koch
G.B.Iskenderova, S.B.Serkerov

Institute of Botany, АNAS

A crystalline substance with composition of C14H14O3 and m.p.of 134-135ºC (from hexane-chloroform) has
been isolated by column chromatography from the rezin of roots of Ferulago setifolia C.Koch (Apiaceae
Lindl.) collected in the phase of fruiting. On the basis of chemical and spectral data (IR-, 1H-, 13C-, 13C Dept
135 NMR) of an initial substance and its acetyl derivative it was proved that the substance has a structure of
7-hydroxy-6-izopentenilcoumarin (7-demethylsuberozine).

Apiaceae, Ferulago, chromatography, spectroscopy, chemical shift